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January 23, 2013
LynxPN Selected by Schneider Electric, Global Operations, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. Read More
October 25, 2012
LynxPN Selected by COX Communications, inc. Read More
May 9, 2012
Lynx's LightLEADER Family Extended With Optical Loopback Card Read More
March 20, 2012
Bharti Airtel India Deployed Lynx’s LightLEADER Protection Systems Read More
January 25, 2012
LynxPN Announce Availability and First Deployment of Protection Switching Solution for Transponder-less DWDM Networks Read More
November 3, 2011
LynxPN Selected by Budapest Internet Exchange (BIX) Read More
February 10, 2011
LynxPN Delivers Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) Protection for Major Spanish Telco Across South America Read More
September 15, 2011
Lynx Extends LightLEADER-4000 Product Family Read More
July 13, 2011
Lynx Introduces Combined Fiber-Protection & Bypass Systems Read More
August 19, 2010
DE-CIX Deployed LightLEADER Across Newly Migrated Highly Redundant Topology Network Connecting Data Center Facilities Read More
February 14, 2010
Lynx Photonic Networks will be participating in the world’s largest optical communications & networking event - the OFC/NFOEC-2010, which will take place in San Diego, CA. Convention Center on March 23-25, 2010. Read More
October 12, 2009
Lynx to participate in “Carrier Networking eXchange” conference, Frankfurt October 29-28, 2009. Read More
March 3, 2009
Lynx will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2009 on March 3-8, 2009. Read More
October 5, 2008
Lynx to unveil new, industry leading solution for Distributed Protection Switching at CNX2, Frankfort, October 20–22 Read More
April 22, 2008
Lynx will be exhibiting at CommunicAsia 2008 on 17-20 of June Read More
January 3, 2008
Lynx will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2008 on March 4-9, 2008. Read More
The Leading Provider Of Photonic Solutions
Fiber -Sensing Security
Your fiber-based network is not impenetrable. Protect your network from tampering, eavesdropping or malicious interference.
Lynx provides fiber intrusion detection, prevention and protection systems with multiple capabilities and configurations.
Optical Fiber Protection
Protect your core and access network by using fast, reliable and cost-effective all-optical protection system.
The Lynx family of protection systems offers intelligent solutions to meet your requirements in any of the following applications:

Optical Switch
Route optical signals from any input to one or more outputs. Since it does not require electro-optical conversion, all-optical switching is suitable for any type of traffic. Our optical switches are used to enhance fiber optic communications, video, test environments, and many more.
Lynx provides matrixes in either managed boxes or in sub-system and module forms.

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